At Orlando Water Damage Restoration®, we offer comprehensive water damage cleanup and restoration for both residential and commercial customers. Our trained and professional technicians can accomplish this during a timely manner to stop any longer damage from occurring. We following standards set by organizations that are leaders in industry, such as the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). When you call us, you can assure you will be comforted in such a time of stress and that a competent and empathetic employee will assist you in every step of the process of restoring your building, from the intake call to handling the insurance claims.
After a flood, each cleanup and restoration project presents its own set of requirements and approaches. We have experience in many sorts of cleanups, both large and little . There is little chance we’ll not be ready to answer employment within the Orlando area thanks to the character of the work . Every client’s property is given a thorough assessment when we arrive at the property and estimates are given. This individual approach allows us to supply the simplest service for every and each situation, versus charging flat rates for all calls or employing other practices which can result in unnecessary charges or work that’s not complete because the outline doesn’t fit into any category pre-determined on a piece order.


We have a good range of kit to help us within the cleaning and repair of your property. In addition to removing water from the building, there are other tasks often necessary to make sure it’s in functional living or working conditions. Even when the last drop of water has dried, we take the additional steps of tackling the presence or potential of mold, remaining moisture and humidity, treating remaining microbes that may breed illness, and deodorizing to remove any unpleasant smells.
Flood damage is not only a hassle to deal with financially. It can wreak havoc on your health also . It’s often dangerous to show yourself to certain sorts of flood water, like sewage. Depending on where the water has come from, a seemingly small flood could bring chronic and long-term illness within the sort of allergies and infections, especially if there are those who compromised immune systems who inhabit the building. Even healthy people can succumb to this, as well as pets. It’s simply not worth the risk. You should leave the job to a professional.